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History of Pashmina and handcraftsmen ship in Kashmir :

The Pashmina crafts came into the valley through the sources of great saint Mir syed Ali hamdani( rehmatullahiallah) ,who visited Kashmir with his 700 craftsmen from Persia .it has Been written in the history books that when he reach ladakh he saw the goats ( Pashmina goat) and he found that themselves goats produce soft wools, he took some wool and make socks and gave the same socks to the king of that time ( sultan kuttubidin). Then Mir syed Ali Hamdani ( rehmatullahiAllah) suggested to the king to start the Kashmiri shawl weaving industry in Kashmir .so that's is the actually time when the Pashmina came into the valley.

Frankly speaking this crafts comes into our family from our fore fathers and exact date of establishment is not surety but we heard and our forefathers heard the same stories that it comes into our family from our ancestors which goes way beyond 600 years. So we are related to this craft from the very beginning and this also is our recognition in the field of Pashmina manufacturing and trading.

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